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We develop proprietary technology leveraging data and artificial intelligence to bring our customers the products they desire in an efficient manner.

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AIMEE® (AI Mohawk E-commerce Engine) is a next generation E-commerce platform that enables growth of our owned and operated consumer product brands.

Enterprise Platform for
Direct to Consumer Brands

AIMEE® is built on Microsoft Azure Cloud leveraging the latest technologies including Microsoft Cognitive Services and our machine learning algorithms to manage the end to end product life cycle of D2C Brands.

Mohawk Group is proud to be a Microsoft One Commercial Partner.

iPad dashboard screen
iPad dashboard screen

From Data to
Product Specs

AIMEE® synthesizes large quantities of data enabling us to predict market trends, determine consumer sentiment through NLP (Natural Language Processing), and identify high caliber product opportunities for the E-commerce space.

From Product Specs to
A Better Product

We have partnered with manufacturers to implement an agile and iterative methodology allowing us to launch new products within 6-8 months. We optimized our supply chain to bring to market products consumers want at great prices.

From the Warehouse to
Our Customers' Doorstep

AIMEE®’s algorithms and analytical techniques allow us to predict and drive purchase behavior, forecast demand and track inventory. By arming our team with the latest advances in machine learning and automation to run our end to end E-commerce strategy, we optimize our cost of doing business and pass on the benefits to our customers.

From our Customers to
A 24/7 Customer Service Team

We invest in Customer Service above brand marketing because we believe that our customers prefer solutions and better products over celebrities and tv commercials. Our incredible customer service team is available around the clock and supported by AIMEE®’s advanced chatbots to always be there for you when you need us most.


Mohawk Group has launched and grown a portfolio of best-selling consumer products across four brands, spanning home and kitchen, beauty, consumer electronics, and appliances.

Our brands are built on data, allowing us maximum calibration in an agile and competitive E-commerce space.



Dehumidifier sample product
Father and son in the kitchen using Mohawk brand's products


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